Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV

Finding, Buying and Using the Perfect RV is for the novice and full timer alike. The first part of this book is dedicated to helping the RV buyer determine what it is they might be interested in. It provides background information on the different types of RVs and then guides the reader into determining what is required, nice to have and optional. A checklist is available that will help track these requirements in a single document to make finding the perfect RV possible regardless of the type of camper you plan on being at the moment.

Once you know what you want, the next step is finding it. This section of the book helps you determine if a new or used RV is right for you. Where to look for the RV is next including online and offline options. Maybe even having one custom built, it is all covered. Once you find the perfect RV it is time to buy it. Not so fast, buying an RV is like buying a house. You need to have an inspection done. This section covers what you need to look at and provides the checklist so you know what you are looking for. With the inspection done the next step is buying it. The book will help you determine the cost and other expenses you might not have thought of.

The perfect RV is now yours and you can’t wait to go camping. The last section provides some insight as to packing, weighting, pre-departure checklists, setting up, tearing down, towing, camping, and many more things you can do with your perfect RV. Once you have the basics understood, it’s time to find the perfect campground. This book covers that too. It discusses the different membership, public, private, state and Federal parks where you can go camping.

The author is a Certified RV Inspector, a full-time RVer with over 40 years of experience. He has taken his knowledge and training and tries to bring that knowledge to you in simple and consice writing. His checklist for each section are available as downloadable files from his website.